Thursday, November 11, 2010

In Living Color...HPFM-2

Continuing on with my posts on the latest trends we saw at HPFM...COLOR!!!!! As a designer, I of course LOVE using color. What I am glad to not see was America's #1 color, beige. Beautiful, vibrant colors were all the rave, YEAH!

Different hues of pinks and raspberries are very hot right now (and in my opinion they are always hot!). This raspberry colored sofa pops right off of the blue wall.

The pink in this room is just the right hue to be sophisticated and whimsical at the same time!

The raspberry repeated on the artwork, ottoman and pillow adds a great punch of color. I love the chair fabric, and the contrast tufting was everywhere this market.

Not only do I love the pink in the fabric but I also love the pink and green detail on the wood!

A pink lazy Susan! Fun fact: It is believed Thomas Edison invented the lazy Susan because his daughter Susan always complained she was served last! But, documentation says Vanity Fair coined the term lazy Susan in an advertisement in 1917. Anyways...

Making a new modern statement this year is blush. Although much of the blush you see is still in a traditional setting, the modern room settings are very glamorous.

Replacing beige this year is gray. It is being paired with all sorts of colors and seems to be dominating the neutral world!

For a modern twist- Gray and a Green/Gold!

Using gray as your "all over" color is a great neutral but adding a few hints of orange adds enough color to bring life to the gray.

I have many photographs to show of all the wonderful colors so look for "In Living Color Part 2"!

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