Monday, August 9, 2010

How to Choose a Paint Color

1. The first step is to be patient. All too often people rush through choosing paint colors and are not happy with their decision once on the walls. If you do not have patience, stop right now, pick up the phone and call me. We can choose together!!!!!

2. Decide what you want painted. Are you painting all the walls or just one? Are you painting the ceiling, moldings, cabinetry….? The list can go on. The room pictured above has three different paint selections I had to choose for. The ceiling (dark grey) the walls (a light grey) and the molding (a shade of white).

3. Look at your surroundings, take note of the lighting. Is it morning, afternoon, or night? The time of day can radically change the colors you are viewing. Also, check your mood! If you are sad, mad, excited…this can drastically change the way you are viewing the colors.

4. Walk your home. Begin at your front door and walk through all the hallways, glancing in each room as you pass. Take note of the colors that catch your eye. These could be on pillows, artwork, tile, rugs, bedding, draperies, photographs, etc… These are most likely colors that you chose for a reason and hopefully they all work well together!
The rooms throughout the home above, designed by Paul McClure of Lee Meier Interiors, blend beautifully.

5. Find these colors on your paint deck and place in the room you are painting. If you have other colors in mind, place them in your room as well. By bringing these colors together you can get a good sense of what you want/like.

6. Consider your paint finish and moldings. Are you painting with semi-gloss, eggshell, or satin? This can alter the look of your color. The color of your molding is an important part of choosing your color as well. If you have moldings that are a shade of white or a wood tone, make sure to have a sample of this ready for the next step!

7. Pull together your finishes from the room you are painting. Are you purchasing new furniture? If so, ask for a sample of the finishes/fabrics. Lay everything in the room with your paint swatches.
The sample board above, created by Christopher Randall, shows all the different finishes for one room. Although this board is gorgeous, you only need to lay the samples together!

Thank you Christopher!

8. Study your colors, select your favorites, but leave all the colors out and WALK AWAY! Come back in a few hours, maybe even the next day. Do you still feel the same about your favorites? If so, discard you’re least favorite colors… you are getting closer.

9. BUY SAMPLES!!!! Seriously, this can save you so much headache and not to mention money! Buy samples of your top colors and paint a large area with each. Once dry, place your fabric and finish samples next to the paint samples, if the samples are able to be taped on the wall it is an easy way to look at your choices together. Again…WALK AWAY! Come back later and then choose. Follow these steps and chances are you will get it right the first time around!

10. Still not sure… CALL ME!
Photo Credits: Google Inage, Lee Meier Interiors

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