Friday, August 27, 2010


I was going through some old projects this week that I have completed and found a photograph of one of my favorite homes. Unfortunately, my favorite part isn't represented in the photograph - a tiled rug. Similar to the one pictured below:

Image Credit ~ Tierra y Fuego

In my search online to find a tiled rug photograph I came across some beautiful tile designs. The tiled mural below looks real!

Image Credit ~ Artisan Surfaces

Can you beleive that fireplace is all tile!?!?

Image Credit ~ CIG

A tiled ceiling...lovely!

Image Credit ~ Bee-Boppin' the Boroughs

A fun take on a kitchen back splash...circles!

Image Credit ~ MGT

Of all the places in a home, I love a beautiful staircase. If done right, it could be majestic!

Image Credit ~ Tierra y Fuego

A more practical wainscoting for a bathroom!

Image Credit ~ Velvet & Linen

From a distance it looks like a stunning wall covering!!!

Image Credit ~ Dornob

What tile applications do have/want in your home? The possibilities are endless!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Lets Set the Table!

There are some fantastic dining tables out there. Here are some of my favorite finds!

This black walnut slab dining table adds a bit of rustic to any space. Pair it with sleek lacquered chairs for a modern dining area or beautifully upholstered chairs for more of a traditional look.

Image Credit ~ Trendir

The white tolix chairs compliment the rustic farmhouse dining table so beautifully, makes me want to eat brunch there!

Image Credit ~ Decor Pad

How innovative is this table? You must have a sense of humor to own this table and chairs!

Image Credit ~ Craziest Gadgets

This eye candy was created by Eric Manigian. The table is solid walnut with purple heart wood running through it.

Image Credit ~ Trendir

Dressing up a plain table with a tablecloth and pastel chairs, this setting is just the right amount of girly for a Sunday morning!

Image Credit ~ Country Living

The dining table above is made from exquisite materials and methods. A polished stainless steel base with a polished onyx top. Does it get any better?

Image Credit ~ Taylor Llorente

Wave a shiny or metallic object and you have my attention, give me a metallic yet rustic dining table and you have my heart!

Image Credit ~ Restoration Hardware

Light (even thought it is black), airy, and modern. Add a few upholstered chairs a crystal chandelier, colorful flowers and tada!

Image Credit ~ Danetti

Friday, August 20, 2010

R & R at a B & B!

I have been dreaming of staying at a lovely Bed & Breakfast for a nice long weekend so I began researching! These are my top ten in Ohio...Enjoy!!!

The 1861 Inn, Cincinnati:

A Georgian Manner, Hocking Hills:

Willow Tree Inn, Tipp City:

German Village Guesthouse, Columbus, Ohio

The Garden Manor, Columbus:

High Street Manor, Urbana:

Felicia's Guest House, Mount Vernon:

Whispering Pines Bed & Breakfast, Dellroy:

The O'Neil House, Akron:

A Water's Edge Retreat, Kelleys Island:

What do you think? My wedding anniversary is next month, I think I want to stay at one of these delightful B & B. Now I just have to decide which one!

I am sure there are many more Bed and Breakfast’s worth mentioning, if you know of any, please post!

All images are taken from each Bed & Breakfast website (see links).

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mouth Watering...

After a yummy conversation I had yesterday regarding DARK CHOCOLATE, I came across a room that reminded me of my current craving. This inspired me to find more designs that resemble desserts, during which I had the urge to eat my computer screen! Hope you enjoy!

My Best Friend: Dark Chocolate!

How does this room remind me of a dark chocolate bar? The chocolate squares resembles the artwork and windows, the metallic foil resembles the artwork, and not to mention the color of the walls and chocolate bar are an exact match!
Image Credits ~ Jeffrey Bilhuber

If Life Gives You Lemons...Make a Lemon Meringue Pie!

Place a lemon in a drink, garnish a dish, or display in your kitchen and you have a nice punch of color. That is exactly what the yellow did for this room. The meringue balances the taste of the pie, as does the sofa, rug, and moldings in the room, all of which are similar in color. The brown portion of the meringue reminds me of the fireplace surround with similar colors and texture.

Image Credit ~ Decor Pad & Twice Baked Twins

Red Velvet Trellis!

If there was ever a cake and a foyer that were meant to be together, these are the ones! The actual cake itself mirrors the floor in the room, the white frosting resembles the walls, and the red decoration topping the cake is a dead ringer for the imperial trellis wall covering!

Image Credit ~ Barrie Spang from Lee Meier Interiors & Sweet Treats by Lattis

Criss Cross Brownie Sauce!

All I have to say is look at the color and pattern in the stunning hall and the mmm mmm brownies!!

Image Credits ~ Decor Pad & Bakers Royale

I'm Nuts About This Kitchen!

This kitchen design and the cacao pistachio florentine and mint ice cream sandwich (my goodness that's a mouthful- literally!) are a match made in heaven. Modern design meets modern dessert.

Image Credits ~ Lori Dennis & GLiving

DELISH!!! Now I am in the mood for some good DD (Dessert & Design)!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Now that we have discussed putting color on your wall, let’s look at some beautifully designed rooms from the colors of the rainbow!

Photo Credit: Miguel Flores-Vianna, Elle Decor Magazine

Photo Credit: Joyce Bradshaw

Photo Credit: Google Image

(I am in LOVE with this Kitchen)
Photo Credit: Google Image

(Designed by Barrie Spang of Lee Meier Interiors)
Photo Credit: Barrie Spang

Photo Credit: Roger Davies, Elle Decor Magazine

I also went shopping with a friend of mine in lovely Tremont this weekend and thought I would post all the colorful and fun finds!

A stunning colorful antique light!

Aren't they fabulous?!?!

I love how they displayed these colorful scarves!

Mr. and Mrs. Merlot

I need this dress!

The lovely Kim...I had fun, let's go again!