Friday, November 19, 2010

Distrubing? HPFM-4

I have promised some readers I would post some pieces I saw at High Point that I described as "disturbing". I was hesitant to do so after thinking about it, because some people may not agree, but then I thought...well that makes it that even more fun to read all the comments, so please leave as many comments as you wish! And I do hope no one takes offense, it's all for fun! Now, lets begin with body parts!!!! (Wow, that sounds awful!)

Now don't get me wrong, I know art can be created in a million different ways for a million different points of view, but I just don't think I want to stare a a foot on my cocktail table! Below are a few more body parts, but trust me, they were EVERYWHERE for some reason...

And the winner for the most disturbing body part goes to...

The spilt torso.

I am a huge animal lover but the below images are just a little off to me...

And the winner for the most disturbing animal goes to...

One creepy horse!

This sure is a different way to view yourself in a mirror!

I am not sure if they are dancing in the unusually high chairs or if they need to find the nearest restroom!

This is by far the winner for the most disturbing piece of art this year at HPFM.

I promise, my next blog will be a happy one on a beautiful interior!

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