Monday, November 1, 2010

1 Fabric, 2 Fabrics, 3 Fabrics, More! HPFM-I

Since I have returned from HPFM (High Point Furniture Market, and yes I know it was weeks ago!) I have been wanting to blog about the wonderful, and not so wonderful, finds. I will try and catch everyone up quickly but it will take a few blogs.
One of my favorite looks involves using more than one fabric on a piece of furniture. This combined with the wonderful colors that were displayed made for some BEAUTIFUL eye candy!

Although everything is very traditional on this chair I feel it has a very modern twist. The mixture of wood, metal, hounds tooth, and red leather makes for a striking "traditional" chair with an updated feel.

One trend I saw a lot of was pink. Not the soft pink we saw years ago, but the strong, bold, wonderful pink you see in this chair. I am personally in love with this chair. Note how the pink is actually dominating the floral, which is usually not the case.

Upon first glance you may think this is just a traditional dining chair done with the traditional mix of leather and fabric. Look again and you realize how beautiful it truly is. The fabric, leather, wood tone, and nail head work wonderfully together but what I really love is how they played with the leather. The band of leather framing the fabric rather than wood just adds to its elegance.

Hello beautiful! I have always loved this shade of blue and the crisp white background of the pattern just makes it pop!

For those of you that have had the opportunity to use/see this fabric in person...lucky you! The photograph does not do it justice.The color is so intense that pairing with the the neutral leather was a great call. This pattern speaks for itself, but the whole ottoman in it just wouldn't have looked as good as it does with a tone down!

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