Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lets Talk Fabric

Seeing as this is my first post on this blog, it is fitting to discuss my love...FABRICS!
As we all know, there are literally thousands of fabrics to choose from. My problem always tends to be choosing between those two or three perfect ones you inevitably find.
There are many factors that may determine your selection in fabric, one being the time of year. Each season brings different emotions and desires, which obvioulsey effects the choice you make.

This fabric from Nina Campbell reminds me of summertime. The color reminds me of the ocean and the pattern of seaweed. Pair this fabric with some linen, maybe a larger print fabric and it becomes a seaside cottage!

Ahh, the fall. A nice little break from the heat.

Obviously the colors in this fabric remind my of this time of year, but it is the pattern that really caught my eye. The lines that make up the swirls remind me of the wind gusts that pick up the dirt and fallen leaves and swirls them around.

Winter, we always love that first snow fall and then the joy of winter is over! Funny how the longest season in Ohio is also the least loved! For those of you who do love winter... good for you. I wish I could, but I just hate to be cold!

It is the colors in this Liberty Furnishings fabric that reminds me of winter. The white snow, blue/grey skies (mostly grey in Cleveland!) and yes, even the brown from the slush!

The lines of this Pollack pattern reminds me of the snow drifts, while the sheen you see is reminicent of the sun glimmering over the snow.

My last season: Spring!

This Lorca fabric is not only a beautiful print, it evokes excitement as well as representing the number one thing associated with! Every one is always excited to be outside when spring shows up. It cracks me up every year, us Ohioans are outside in 40 degree weather, no coat, pretending it is actually WARM outside!

I just love weeping trees, especially weeping crabapple trees. I received one of these trees for my birthday the year my husband & I purchased our home. Do you see the beautiful spring buds in this print?

Next time you are searching for a fabric, bed linens, or even a pillow, try to look at it as art. Most likely, there is a reason you are attracted to the pattern or colors!

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Hi Ashleigh:
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